City of the Future

City of the Future

Everyone dreams about living in a comfortable and modern city, where all the routine processes are automated, complicated systems are strongly connected with each other, and public services are so easy to use that even children can handle it.

This year, in the framework of the Ukrainian cross-country forum of the Internet activists – iForum, we have decided to build a huge prototype of the City of the Future. It will be a thematic exhibition with the size of 1000 sq m, where every visitor of the iForum will be able to become a citizen of the City of the Future.

In the City of the Future, companies, which make products in areas of robotics, augmented and virtual reality, smart houses, Internet of Things, digital manufacturing, renewable energy sources, telecommunications, data collection, and data processing will be presented on their stands.

You will be able to observe modern technological products with your own eyes, to have a talk with their creators, and find many new friends and partners.

Coordinator Dmytro Biriukov


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