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Ukrainian forum for Internet professionals is a social movement created by a group of enthusiasts. It is dedicated to the problems of development of the Internet, and covers the entire spectrum of related issues.

Initially, the idea was that iForum would gather all the Internet professionals of the country together in one place for a cup of delicious coffee. We’ve started with more than 1,000 participants in 2009, and we’ve grown up to more than 12,000 people in 2018.

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Internet business

This is the main section for everyone involved in building Internet businesses and mobile environment.

Either you take your business to the Internet, or you are already online, and want to grow further on. You have created a Digital division and now you want to make a strategy for it. You want to spy on development insights from other companies, learn from their experience how to grow and overcome problems.

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This Stream will include short reports, each considering most important discussions for entrepreneurs. Ways for Ukrainian startups to reach European and US markets, best practices how to archieve this goals; true and false about local investments; market entry strategy; usage of foreign infrastructure to support startups (grants, accelerators, incubators, corporate programs) and successful cases.

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Advertising and promotion

How to manage Internet marketing successfully to be able to increase the number of new customers, make the brand recognizable and achieve other marketing goals? Which promotion tools to choose to accelerate the results? These questions became even more relevant for the companies, as Internet became the key advertising channel in Ukraine in 2018.
Come to iForum-2019 to learn about the digital trends for business.

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Internet technologies

Traditionally, during the Internet technologies section you will find out the latest news and trends in software development, creating web services and setting up DevOps processes.

As we always used to do, this year we will try to review the current situation on the world market of front-end development.

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EdTech of the Future

Education crisis exists not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Despite vigorous attempts to implement changes and new technologies in this sector, it is impossible to figure out which model will prevail in the future. In this stream we will talk about the latest approaches in personal and public education, about evolution of educational organizations and institutions.

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«The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn» - The famous quotation of Alvin Toffler today is as relevant as ever. There is less than a year since the iForum 2017, but the world of innovations has already changed dramatically. The team of SingularityU Kyiv will show you the latest innovations in the exponential technologies in an entirely new format.

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CRM & Loyalty: How to keep your customer?

Marketing managers are confident that existing loyal customers provide up to 80% of profit for their business. How to cherish and pet existing customers, what benefits should be given to them and how to keep them next to you — let's talk about this during our stream.

The main focus is gonna be on the systems for small and medium Internet businesses, and not for corporations.

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Digital Fun

In digital era, it is extremely difficult to put a line between the entertainment and business. That is what the Digital FUN stream will be about.

What is the digital entertainment industry? How difficult is making money on entertaining others? What emotional involvement from users is really good and profitable for a serious business?

And, of course, video games, eSports, streaming and all that stuff.

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This year is definitely the year of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There is a lot of noise, but there is no much of the real expertise. On iForum we will fix it. This Stream will consist of 3 parts: blockchain technology in the products; cryptocurrency; ICO.

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May 23 2019,

15 Brovarskoy Ave., IEC, Kyiv