This conference includes seven main streams with presentations from professional speakers in different fields. All the speeches take place simultaneously in several halls. After the official opening on the main stage, presentations continue throughout the whole day, no breaks in the agenda. This year the following sections are presented:

Internet-Business, Startups / Blockchain, Advertising&Promotion, Internet Technologies, Future (technology, business, education, society), Digital Fun, CRM.

Between the halls, there is a huge Expozone with companies’ stands that are interested in IT sphere collaboration. This zone is also an exhibition territory City of the Future. There you can see with your own eyes and even try to use recent tech products which are changing our lives right now.

Three notable facts about iForum:

  • iForum – the biggest offline-conference dedicated to the Web in Ukraine
  • Every year iForum unites all the most essential internet-professionals
  • The most influenced IT media always write about iForum


This is the main section for everyone involved in building Internet businesses and mobile environment.

Either you take your business to the Internet, or you are already online, and want to grow further on. You have created a Digital division and now you want to make a strategy for it. You want to spy on development insights from other companies, learn from their experience how to grow and overcome problems. You are interested in the state and business partnership, tech parks and innovative areas development.

  • How to start business online and how did the leading companies begin working online?
  • How to earn your first million online?
  • How to make friends with your audience online and how to sell to it?
  • How to make your company more digital?
  • How can Big Data make money for you?
  • What trends prevail online and in mobile development now?
  • How to negotiate with partners, resolve disputes and legal issues?
  • The best speakers of the conference, presentations from the market leaders and famous visionaries.
Head of the section Oleksiy Mas
Head of the section


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Head of the section Artur Orujaliev
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Advertising and promotion

How to manage Internet marketing successfully to be able to increase the number of new customers, make the brand recognizable and achieve other marketing goals? Which promotion tools to choose to accelerate the results? These questions became even more relevant for the companies, as Internet became the key advertising channel in Ukraine in 2018. Internet ads budgets have already overtaken those for TV ads and continue to grow.

In the face of increasing business competition, each company should target its Internet marketing tools thoroughly, as well as its web analytics. Come to iForum-2019 to learn about the digital trends for business.

Key topics in the Advertising and Promotion stream:

  • Ukrainians spend 68% of all media interactions on the Internet. How should businesses respond to these behavioral changes?
  • New technologies in the advertising industry: what will be relevant in 2020?
  • Marketing automation: the ability to implement it in small and big companies.
  • Cases of Big Data usage for the purpose of increasing sales.
  • Social media in marketing communications. SMM, paid ads and other tools.
  • Personalized communications online. How to unite e-mail, SMS, push letters and other promotional tools.
  • How to build web analytics for effective ads management.
  • Creativity in the Digital Age: New Marketing Challenges
Head of the section Eugen Shevchenko
Head of the section



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Internet technologies

Traditionally, during the Internet technologies section you will find out the latest news and trends in software development, creating web services and setting up DevOps processes.

This year, again, we will pay much attention to the use of artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, the construction of high-load systems and the architecture of large projects.

As we always used to do, this year we will try to review the current situation on the world market of front-end development: which platforms and frameworks remain / are gaining popularity, and which are the candidates to an “exit”.

Head of the section Sergiy Korzh
Head of the section



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Future (technology, business, education, society)

“The time of static stability has passed us by… The new kind of stability has to be dynamic stability. There are some ways of being, like riding a bicycle… It is not our natural state. But humanity has to learn to exist in this state”. Astro Teller, Alphabet X

The world is constantly changing around us, and those changes are getting faster. It doesn’t matter where you are: Kyiv, New York, Singapore or Zhmerynka – the days when “standing firmly on your feet” was synonymous to success are over now.

We will talk about the future and the chain reaction of changes for business and society, caused by the drastic development and spread of exponential technologies. Also, about the ways to prepare ourselves for these significant changes, and, what is more important, about the ways to prepare kids as they will have to live their lives in this very different world full of new challenges, new professions, new dangers. Most of these new issues seem so fantastic to us today, as SpaceX Falcon Heavy would’ve looked to our grandparents half a century ago.

Latest news, incites, and cases, as told by SingularityU Kyiv and famous professionals in their reports.

Head of the section Igor Novikov
Head of the section



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CRM & Loyalty

Marketing managers are confident that existing loyal customers provide up to 80% of profit for their business. How to cherish and pet existing customers, what benefits should be given to them and how to keep them next to you — let’s talk about this during our stream.

How to make your client stay with you forever? How to love, keep and ask your clients to be with you longer? The main focus is gonna be on the systems for small and medium Internet businesses, not on corporations’ products.

Key points of this stream: how to choose the right customer relationship management system (CRM); how to make your customer stay with you forever. The program includes the best cases of CRM / ERP systems usage in Ukrainian and international companies. Success Stories and FuckUps. Simple solutions that can be implemented in a week.

Head of the section Arseniy Finberg
Head of the section



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Digital Fun

In digital era, it is extremely difficult to put a line between the entertainment and business. That is what the Digital FUN stream will be about.

  • What is the digital entertainment industry?
  • How difficult is making money on entertaining others?
  • What emotional involvement from users is really good and profitable for a serious business?

And, of course, video games, eSports, streaming and all that stuff is also in our agenda.

Head of the section Dmitriy Bazilevich
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Startups / Blockchain

This Stream will consist of 3 parts:

  • Blockchain technology in the products

There are products in which the blockchain gives a real advantage, and there are those where
this technology is far-fetched, makes it more complicated to develop and use the product. We’ll
try to figure out where the blockchain technology is applicable.

  • Cryptocurrency

The role of cryptocurrencies in the modern economy. The use of cryptocurrencies for payment
transactions. Cryptocurrencies as a tool for savings and investment. In this section, we will also
discuss trading and mining.

  • ICO

A new tool for raising capital, which in 2018 experienced explosive growth. We’ll talk about the
possibilities of ICO and the risks it brings to projects. Let’s talk about the experience of Ukrainian
projects. And, of course, we can not avoid a glance from investors who invest in such projects.

Head of the section Denis Dovgopoliy
Head of the section



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