Future (technology, business, education, society)

17:30 — 18:10

The future of medicine. From preventive medicine to DNA editing. What should we expect?

What professions will be closely linked to the medicine of the future? Not only doctors. Everyone understands that artificial intelligence will not replace the doctor altogether, but it will change quality control how it has already happened in aviation with the advent of autopilot. Why is in the medicine of the future responsibility is transferred to the patient himself, and as a result, the patient leaves the doctor’s office.

  • Prophylactic, predictive, personalized medicine – is it a future or a reality? What is missing for a full-fledged launch of it in the masses?
  • Diagnostics is moved from medical structures to the patient’s body (wearing devices), the era of remote monitoring comes.
  • Thanks to the big data, 80% of human diseases and pathologies can be simulated and predicted.
  • The era of Health Audit in the corporate segment is coming. Each dollar invested by the company in employee health will return $5 in the horizon for five years.
  • Pyramid of health as a basis, review of the traditional approach “if you are in pain – then come” from Oleksiy Bashkirtsev.
  • We are living in an era of quality control of the artificially grown stem cells. Given the fact, that almost the entire genotype is decoded, modeling the ideal genotype, turning off the “cutting” of pathological genes becomes a reality. CRISPR genetic scissors are already allowed for tests in the US – a victory or a loss of research control?


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