Alexey Kupriienko

Alexey Kupriienko

“Underdog” The UnLawyers
CEO & Commander

He created the anti-crisis agency, to which the business turns in conflict situations, when jurisprudence and negotiations did not help. Tools are information intelligence and guerrilla actions. The goal is to make the enemy regret that he started the conflict and put him at the negotiating table. Courage and drive are side effects.

Explores topics at the intersection of economics and psychology, specializing in:

  • decision-making under conditions of uncertainty;
  • behavioral strategies in conflict situations;
  • the correlation of rational and irrational in human consciousness.

Graduate: London Business School and Massachusetts Institute Technology. An active member of the business communities: CEO Club and UUE. Speaker: iForum and TEDx 2018.

Future (technology, business, education, society)

15:50 — 16:10

Smart Power

Innovation is changing the world around us. Perhaps there is no such sphere, which has not been affected by them yet.

At the previous iForum, we talked about the threats that the Digital Age brought with it. About the dark side of the digital era, which can knock on everyone’s door and cause devastating damage to you or your business, literally without getting up from the sofa.

It is striking that innovations have proven themselves from the threats side, but are so poorly represented in the field of protection from everyday problems and conflicts.

When we talk about business security, not digital is in the top of tools, but litigation, government relations, and physical security.

Is this not associated with advantage. Mind today’s leaders’ paradox? Success stories in the digital age are not a lot of money, favorable connections or a brute force and ingenuity, will, and perseverance – are what bring to victory.

Why do they betrayal themselves when faced with problems? Why do they rely on the powerful so often and not on smart solutions?

It happened that in the domestic problem-solving market, my project is such a black sheep. Secret treaties, вribes, authoritative connections – are not for us. In the age of social networking, open data and information technology, brute force mean little. And we are proud that we inspire many people with the belief that smart power is available
to everyone.

Its pillars are very simple.

Available information. The enemy, whose weaknesses are known, no longer causes fear.

The power of ecosystems. Publicity gives thousands of allies and allows you not to be left alone with the problem.

Inexhaustible space for creativity. Unpredictability today in a trend, and it knocks the ground out from under the strongest opponents’ feet like nothing else.

To achieve these business goals, we are actively working on alternative digital projects.

«Скажи.ua» is the platform that displays the real state of affairs in the government in the raw: abuse of position, corruption, pressure.

Everything that each of us faces every day in solving personal and business issues. It allows you to go into battle with arguments, and not to complain or wait till someone will solve it for you. The word of one – can be a turning point in the history of all.

“Why are you so daring” – the service that reveals your opponent’s connections and schemes. And when you know who provides support to your enemy and what lies behind the mask of confidence, you know exactly what to expect and therefore how to fight back.

And the third project “business mobilization”, which does not have a physical shell, but provides the greatest effect – the creation of a rapid response team among the business community participants to resist aggressive and non-ecological opponents.


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