Igor Novikov

Igor Novikov

SingularityU Kyiv

Igor Novikov - Head of SingularityU Kyiv Chapter, GIC Ukraine 2017 Organizer Alumnus of SU Executive Program 2016. Top-manager with more than ten years of experience in companies Allianz AG, MTS, and VEMA Carbon.

Igor Novikov brings a unique set of technological, entrepreneurial and policy perspectives to the dialogue of innovation in Ukraine. Throughout three years, Igor’s lectures and workshops attracted an audience of over 100 000 people, and he is considered Ukraine’s leading keynote speaker and futurologist - a title he readily rejects.

Igor’s primary research areas explore the convergence of behavioral science, economics, and storytelling and include his concepts of Gamified Transfer of Learning and Dynamic Motivation.

Before Singularity University, Igor founded non-profit and social impact organizations in a range of spheres including artificial intelligence, peer to peer lending, the blockchain, human rights, international development, carbon offsetting, and solar energy.

Future (technology, business, education, society)

14:30 — 14:50

Survive and succeed in the attention economy — working manual

Of all the “economies”, that have recently appeared, the most promising and at the same time the most mysterious is the “economy of attention”. What is attention, how to measure it, how to manipulate it and how to build an empire, based on it in the modern world – these are the questions, worth not even a billion, but rather trillions of dollars.

All you need to know about the next hype and the thing you can’t read in the textbooks yet – is already here in a new report by Igor Novikov.

Future (technology, business, education, society)

14:00 — 14:10

Head of the Stream: announce

Future (technology, business, education, society)

10:00 — 10:20

Cautious, children! How can you prepare your kids for the future

Our children will become adults and live their lives in a very different world. That world will be full of new challenges, new professions, new dangers. Most of these new issues seem so fantastic to us today, as SpaceX Falcon Heavy would’ve looked to our grandparents half a century ago.

How to prepare children for a future that we do not know yet? What their skills to develop? How to resist the outdated education system? How to increase their chances of survival and prosperity in the most challenging period in the history of mankind?


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