Oleksandr Pushkar

Oleksandr Pushkar

Comic Con Ukraine

He has been working in journalism for sixteen years, being editor-in-chief at "Igromania" for the last eight. He took part in the organization of Igrograd, Videozhara, and Streamfest.

Having seen plenty of festivals all around the world, he finally have met like-minded people to launch his own festival.

Digital Fun / CRM & Loyalty

10:40 — 11:20

Comic Con Ukraine

The first Comic Con took place almost 50 years ago in San Diego. That was an event, conceived as an exhibition of comic books and related popular art. Today it is an international festival, which unites fans of all formats of pop culture.

We will talk about the organization of an offline festival in the digital age and whether there is a canonical recipe for Comic Con with Olexandr Pushkar, the organizer of Comic Con Ukraine.


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