Dmytro Wolf

Dmytro Wolf

He is a scientist, psycholinguist, social engineer, also the first communicative teacher in Ukraine since 2009.

He is a regular speaker at different conferences since 2007. He is a public speaking trainer, and a written, oral, corporate and diplomatic communication mentor. He lectures at SingularityU Kyiv.

He has been a freelance corporate trainer for more than five years within PHILIPS, LAZ (LAZ-automotive industry), TCM Group International (legal services, 135 offices worldwide), Boehringer Ingelheim (pharma), Inter American Investment Corporation (Inter-American Development Bank), UKRAVIT.

He has done public speeches in both German and English languages in Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Norway.

Dmytro is the author of more than 150 training programs; he has more than 20,000 graduates and 40 international companies among his steady clientele.

Future (technology, business, education, society)

10:20 — 10:40

Tech vs. Education

Trade and technological wars have already made talents the main resource of mankind.

Against this background, the education structure completely changes its essence and form. Universities refuse academic degrees, companies reduce the requirements for formal education in favor of internal education. Corporate educational infrastructures have already started to compete with centuries-old universities.

The migration of not only scientists but also ordinary talents to China and the United States has reached an unprecedented magnitude. The selection of relevant and well-timed learning, as well as measuring its effectiveness, has become a priority for many.

How can one orientate in the world, where technologies surpass and determine the relevance of human knowledge? How to systematically study in Ukraine, taking into account the dogmas and trending of hype?


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