Leonid Klimenko

Leonid Klimenko

  • He is a former director of development for Binotel.
  • He is a former regional CRM system manager of the Megaplan (Ukraine).
  • The author of the unique show about phone sales “This is Leonid Calling!”.
  • He has a four year of experience in implementing CRM systems and automating processes.
  • He has a blog about sales, also writes about sales on Facebook (more than 20 thousand readers and subscribers).

Digital Fun / CRM & Loyalty

14:30 — 14:50

How to choose a CRM system quickly and in a proper way

Taking into account his eight years of experience in sales also as a former employee of a CRM system vendor, I want to talk about the basic rules on how to choose a CRM system and do it right.

  • CRM system selection criteria;
  • basic CRM system selection rules;
  • how you shouldn’t choose a CRM-system: 5 fuck-ups and poor strategies when selecting.


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