Natalia Shpak

Natalia Shpak

Founder, CEO

She is a consultant practitioner for strategic planning and systematization of business processes. Founder of the GoodSales consulting project. Executive Director of Tryalia LLC.

She has significant experience in international companies as a manager and CEO. She also has practical experience in the CRM-systems' development and implementation of various training programs for top managers, administrative and line staff.

Her clients are owners, start-up entrepreneurs, heads of retail/wholesale and service companies. Clients include PTK Agromat LLC, Megapolis Textiles LLC - a wholesale textile company, the Avant family club, the Evrika Children's Early Development Center, the Murakami restaurant networks, the Papa John Restaurant, and the Crewing Center LLC. - online service for staff recruitment to shipowners and crewing companies, the English Helen Doron training centers, the children's entertainment clubs Igroland and many others.

Digital Fun / CRM & Loyalty

16:10 — 16:30

IT-technologies and emotional service: how to combine CRM systems and the human factor most effectively

Standardization of activities (implementation of IT systems, mechanical principles of CRM based processes, etc.) helps to avoid unpleasant personnel errors. However, technological solutions alone do not strengthen the emotional connection between the employee and the client. When technical solutions are not enough, the service personnel, people of the decent emotional and psychological mindset, who know their business entirely, play the most crucial role.

We have entered the era of emotional service. This service will be based on people-oriented knowledge. And the correlation between the level of emotional intelligence of employees and the amount of profit becomes more and more evident.

IT-technologies, first of all, should simplify the work routine of service/sales departments. Thus employees will have more time to communicate directly with customers, to deal with emergencies. And that will give them confidence in their abilities, which is vital.

Key points:

1) How do you not get carried away with automation and new IT-technologies, and not to lose all the clientele and employees?
2) How to implement CRM in the company as efficiently and painlessly as possible.
3) Examples from practice and case studies.


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