Vladyslav Flaks

Vladyslav Flaks


Founder and CEO, OWOX. 15 years of experience in e-commerce and data analysis. Vlad is responsible for OWOX BI development strategy and serves as a consultant for leading multi-channel retailers in the Russian Federation.

Under his ruling, OWOX became the first company to receive both Google Cloud Platform Technology Authorized Partner and Google Analytics Premium Reseller status at once.

As a speaker, Vlad participates since 2007 in the largest conferences about online and multi-channel retail, analytics and marketing, such as eMetrics Summit Milan, Electronic Commerce, Online Retail Russia, iMetrics, Online Retail Business, etc.

Advertising and promotion

14:30 — 14:50

Marketing analytics of the future: how to make decisions based on forecasts

Most decisions are made by marketers based on historical data when lost budget and lost opportunities remain in the past.

In this report, Vlad will share the experience of OWOX in building predictive models for solving online marketing tasks. He will show examples of finding growth zones and risks in a marketing plan.

The report will be interesting for marketing directors and marketing managers, whose bonus depends on the implementation of the plan — also analysts who are seeking to maximize the value of the business.


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