Maxim Sundalov

Maxim Sundalov


He launched an e-mail course with convenient tools for online studying in 2008.

In 2010, he launched the EnglishDom educational service.

  • 10 years of leadership in the Eastern European market
  • 35 000+ active students
  • 50+ corporate clients in the portfolio
  • 70% + students come on a recommendation
  • 300+ teachers
  • 90+ head office employees
  • 5+ innovative products (ed class, ed words, ed online courses)

Digital Fun / CRM & Loyalty

17:50 — 18:10

Seven rules of loyalty in the largest EdTech service of Ukraine

As an online platform for learning English, we face two significant challenges simultaneously: how to increase the client’s lifetime value and how to keep a person’s motivation for learning.
We found out technology to solve one problem with another and decided to keep our clients by caring for their motivation.
What do we do? We analyze BigData to determine the most common situations when and why do students want to quit studying. Based on this data, we build the entire system of training and customer interaction.

  • Caring for the motivation of students leads them to visible results, and also increases their loyalty to the platform.
  • Customers are loyal to services that do not just provide them with services but think about their interests and help them achieve their learning goals.
  • Sales department should speak one language with service designers.


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