Timofey Zamuriy

Timofey Zamuriy

Ketchup Loyalty Marketing
COO Ketchup Loyalty Marketing Eastern Europe

He holds the position of Chief Operating Officer of Ketchup Loyalty in Eastern Europe and is directly involved in the development and implementation of company projects since 2016, and is also responsible for the quality of Ketchup's customer service in Ukraine.

Timofey has 23 years of experience in sales and marketing management in leading and innovative companies in the fields of FMCG, marketing research and consulting, international trade. The main areas of professional specialization are loyalty programs, consumer behavior, and marketing communications management.

Ketchup Loyalty Marketing Company delivers a full suite of tools, partners, and services to support the vast and complex loyalty program and marketing needs of large enterprises. Services include strategy and design, campaign and offer management, segmentation and analytics, fulfillment, and operational support. The company was established in 2011 in Stambul.

Digital Fun / CRM & Loyalty

17:30 — 17:50

Woodoos: Magic ingredient to increase the market share of retailer

WOODOOS is an innovative program at the junction of marketing, retail, and new technologies, aimed at boosting sales, increasing the market share of retailers and customer loyalty, based on the mobile app for Android and iOS. The tool brings together retailers, big business and end users, bringing the win-win strategy to all the participants.

The global partner network WOODOOS is represented in more than 20 countries all around the world and brings together about 400 thousand employees of companies (end users) and a vast network of retailers in these countries. There are no analogs in Ukraine.

In the presentation, we will show specific cases from foreign experience and demonstrate how modern tools help promote retail (especially offline) in the digital era.


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